By Ms. MiLano @UMG, Oct 27 2016 04:29PM

Just as we do every week, the PopCrush editors have selected their favorite new songs for your listening pleasure from #NewMusicFriday and beyond, ranging from up-and-comers to tried-and-true superstars.

Lady Gaga, “Sinner’s Prayer”

Unlike so many Little Monsters — and certain PopCrush coworkers — I’m ambivalent about 99% of Gaga’s pre-Joanne catalog, so her surprise zag into country territory didn’t alienate me like it did for some. Standout thumper “Sinner’s Prayer,” co-written with Mark Ronson, Father John Misty and former Amy Winehouse guitarist Thomas Brenneck, could be the theme song for a shoot-em-up set in the future (maybe Westworld should give it the “meaningful instrumental” treatment its so fond of?). While Gaga’s vocals overreach into musical theater territory on several otherwise excellent Joanne tracks, here she strikes a perfect balance between showy belting and good-as-gold true grit. And as someone who lives next to downtown Brooklyn, I can’t resist the genius of “Her love for him ain’t cheap / But it breaks just like a knockoff piece from Fulton Street.” – Samantha Vincenty

Melanie C, “Escalator”

It’s no coincidence that Melanie C’s new album (perhaps her best since 1999’s Northern Star) aligns with the 20th anniversary of the Spice Girls—but on Version of Me, the artist formerly known as Sporty Spice proves her lasting potency sans the rest of the Spice rack. “Escalator” in particular is a testament to her undeniable talents as a solo pop force. The moody, rhythmic pop jam is elevated by a flurry of trendy house beats and shadowy synths, Melanie’s voice emoting as earnestly as ever as she laments about trying to keep up with the fast-paced rush of life. It’s a surefire alt-pop anthem, and she rides it all the way to the top. – Erica Russell